Using Flickr as an Internet Marketing Tool

Using Flickr as an Internet Marketing Tool

Whenever we talk about the interactive nature of images; we can relate to Yahoo owned Flickr, the world renowned image and video hosting web enabled suite. Developed with an aim of making sweet memories sweeter by sharing, Flickr has easily penetrated deeper than social networks for the net savvy. It was created with the basic objective of organizing and sharing photos using simple tags with practical controls and has successfully integrated with peers like Facebook and Twitter for photo sharing.

Success is usually depicted with the help of numbers and figures and hence we would like to present some interesting facts and statistics about Flickr that speaks volumes about its network. As per some latest reports Flickr has grown significantly in terms of access and usage with 2 billion images hosting until 2008 and as on date boasts of a collection of over 4 billion pictures. Furthermore, this research also states that less than 20 percent of the users belong to the age group below 24 years; that may come as a surprise given that such mediums are largely accessed by youngsters.

Also, as per their latest blog post, Flickr is introducing an open ID feature that provides new users registering on it an option of accessing the site with their Google ID. This particular feature would solve the inconvenience of trying out dozens of different user names to gain entry to this web page. Flickr contains immense potential as it is the seventh most trafficked social media site and easily poses some great options to companies who wish to elevate their market positions with the online assistance. Since Flickr is a photo hosting website, companies can approach to have an intuitive visual element added to their business and appealing to their target audiences in a more contemporary and visual manner.

To a question why everyone is after social media marketing nowadays? The answer is very simple, social media marketing for any business is to contribute to interaction and conversation; thereby personalizing the communication with customers. Utilizing Flickr effectively would involve quite a few points besides creating a group and displaying lot of photos. Building contacts and providing links with the images uploaded would enhance the traffic on your web page . Further, personalize your account by displaying photos of staff and internal events that would create a window for your customers to feel participative on your page.

Utilizing Flickr for SEO purposes can have fruitful results; especially if your site deals in selling products. Linking good quality and clear images with due tags and descriptions would certainly attract more traffic and would facilitate more people landing on your web page, so choose wisely. Posting lot of photos (with direct links to your website) would further serve the purpose in search results and making them public would obviously lead to more viewers. Image optimization is contributed by the right keywords and tags; hence this constitutes a major chunk of appropriate SEO with Flickr.
Although the aforesaid information doesn’t form an ultimate exhaustive approach of correctly using Flickr; however it definitely offers valuable insights in using imagery as a form of effective communication and marketing.