Corporate / Enterprise Web Design

Do you know it takes 0.05 seconds (that’s 50 milliseconds) for your website visitor to make a judgement about your company?
It’s this lack of attention of visitors that prods us to look for innovative approaches in web design. Web credibility research led by Stanford revealed  75% of visitors accepted that they formed opinions about a company through its website design.
Corporate/Enterprise website is not only about driving instant sales. It’s also about increasing customer’s lifetime value (LTV). Your enterprise website should be company’s online brand ambassador and best salesperson.
Companies like yours have so much to offer to your customers but your website often fails to convince the customer or deliver on their expectations. Why? Because most of the websites lack laser focused strategy that encompasses your brand, your customer’s need and your offerings.
We have experienced creative designers and developers. More importantly Ivoryshore is a rare breed of leading web design agency that has experienced MBAs with 10+ years of industry experience. It’s this rare combination of creativity, technology & business acumen that makes us deliver optimal, customer focused web design for your company.
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    Pricing: CMS based corporate websites start at $6,900. Custom enterprise websites start at $7,400. External software integrations, ERP enriched websites start at $12,000.
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    In clients’ own words

    ``Our team is very happy with the website design. Thanks for your fast responses to our requests, and taking the time to explain how things work.``
    - Ebco Industries
    ``The website has helped us generate new leads and looks great. We are very pleased with the results of our content marketing campaign.``
    Schultz Chemicals Ltd.

    Our Web Design Process
    Step 1

    Brainstorming Session / Project Kick-off

    We organize a brainstorming session with your company to kick-off the project. This is termed as requirement gathering & analysis stage. These sessions help understand your vision and convert it to deliverables. More we understand your target market, thought process, requirements, competitor landscape etc. better we can deliver.

    Step 2

    Project Document, Wireframing & Strategy

    This document will have detailed list of features, platform to be used for development, content requirements etc. Wireframes will be developed. Wireframes are like architecture of the proposed website. You can provide feedback on these wireframes. Once wireframes are approved, we proceed to the design. Wireframe stage helps ensure that end product is as per your expectations & features to be developed in next stages are as discussed.

    Step 3

    Design & User Experience (UX)

    Our Creative Director and Designer takes the lead in this stage. For clients, this is the most interesting stage as you start seeing the real design. You start seeing your corporate vision turning into reality. Therefore, we provide Free revisions of the designs so that you feel completely satisfied with the outcome. Once design is approved we move to the next stage.

    Step 4

    Development & Coding

    Developers often call this as heavy lifting stage. If design is the beauty, development is the brain behind the beauty. Our development team starts working on the backend to implement features, content management system and integrate relevant business applications. At completion of this stage you will get a link to the active website.

    Step 5

    Content, SEO & Testing

    Professional content is added to website pages as per your business guidelines and requirements. To make website SEO friendly (search engine friendly), we optimize it by adding relevant meta tags, robot.txt file and integrating Google search console tool. Google Analytics is installed so you can accurately measure the performance of your website and see what your website visitors are engaging with. Testing the website before launch is the most critical yet often underrated part of website design and development. We do multiple rounds of testing.

    Step 6

    Making the site live & Maintenance

    Finally the day of joy is here. We move the your corporate website live. This involves moving website files from trial server to live server. Each server may behave differently therefore we often do one round of testing on live server before switching the website on for your customers.
    As and when required we will provide you technical maintenance service so that you are not worried about day to day running of your website.

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