Sentiment Analysis: Helps Improve Your Business

Sentiment Analysis: Helps Improve Your Business

Sentiment analysis has been the most debated topic in the blogosphere. Is it accurate? Is it a methodology? Or a trend used by brands or businesses to increase business across the globe?

Every new technique used in a business, in the correct fashion, is always fruitful; so is sentiment analysis. Automatic Sentiment Analysis is a process which checks on human sentiments via computer analyzing. Sentiment is an aim to determine the attitude of a writer about some particular topic. Automated Sentiment is a process via computers to identify sentiment within the mentioned content. There many different techniques and statistical tools that are used for sentiment measurement across the web. No company relies 100% on automated sentiment, some companies also employ humans to analyse sentiment and some prefer the hybrid system.

How Meaningful is Automated Sentiment?

If someone has to read selected 10 articles then that person will simply read those 10 articles. But when someone gets an option to select 10 articles from 50,000 articles then the competition crops in? Here automated sentiment plays a very important role. The writer has to create some value in the content so that the reader enjoys the content and remembers the writer so that he would come back and read again. That is an example of automated sentiment created by the writer.
If someone gets 20% negative feedback on Internet about a site, service or product that means that the branding of that product needs to be changed. The product needs to be redesigned and to be sold on the internet market. ‘Likes’ really matter a lot in theInternet branding.

How to create a positive sentiment for a brand in the online market?

Showing Accuracy

It is not an easy to task to measure human sentiments. All humans will not show the same kind of emotions. When an option is mentioned then it is easy to select from it and express them. Some sites show 3 options and some have 4 for the end users to select from.

Isolating from different content types

Human beings always want ways to express their opinions. Writing is one of the best ways to do it. Like on Twitter people would write their daily activities when someone gives some valid information then everyone reacts to that piece of information. Thus the brand gets 100% automated sentiment value. Sentiments do create a great impact on the end readers at the entry level rather than the article level. It can also create a wave which is negative in nature and some brands can suffer because of it.
The goal to use the automated sentiments for SEO should be focused. The social search engine helps the sites to reach to good level of top 50 in the search engine rankings. A new site gets its ranking and the sentiment factor is used to improve the site for higher ranking.