Optimizing Link Building Strategies

Optimizing Link Building Strategies

Among all your search engine optimization activities, off-page parameters such as link building are becoming more and more crucial to the success of achieving high search engine rankings. The higher the link popularity, the more likely it is that your site will appear on a higher rank in a search engine result.

Link popularity basically refers to the quantity and quality of links around the web that route visitors to your website. The fact that another website agrees to post your link on theirs, suggests that they consider your site significant enough. The higher the number of websites that agree to do so, the easier it is for you to appear popular for a search engine.

Building this popularity is not as easy as it sounds. With link exchange programs and link farms out of the picture, you have to work harder towards finding other websites that will agree to link yours on their pages. Here are some simple tips to help you optimize your link building strategies:

1. Link-Seeking:

This is a conventional and fool-proof method employed to maximize your link building strategy. Here, you can simply get in touch with the webmaster of another website where you wish to have your link set up via email. Make sure the website is not a competitor but in fact complimentary to your business.

It is link-building etiquette that you offer to link back their website on yours. You also need to make sure you have built relevant content on your website that motivates other websites to associate with yours. When you get in touch with webmaster make sure you bring to light the advantages of linking with your website and how it may provide opportunities in traffic and business growth. When you request for a link, make sure that you have taken care of the following points:

  • a) The link to the website where you are requesting to place your link should already be present and prominent.
  • b) Offer as much information required to simplify the link exchange process. If their website has a large number of pages and you know exactly where you want your link to appear, be sure you specify that through your communication.
  • c) Ensure that the link that you provide them to your site or web page is accurate and it works.

2. Link Building on Social Media:

Getting active on social media websites is the easiest and fastest way for any brand to drive their SEO goals. Making profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and twitter offer opportunities to build secondary links that can in turn boost quality traffic to your main website.

The idea here is to leverage the pre-existing high rankings of popular social media websites on search engines and routing the visitors looking for your brand, product or service to your website through them. To be able to effectively apply a link building strategy on social media, you need to first gain a clear understanding on the type of audience that visits each social media platform. One strategy may be working wonders on a Facebook, but the same strategy may fail on twitter, simply because they offer different features and a probably a different set of people.

Customize your link building strategy according to each social platform and try to maintain your primary keywords in the URLs as well as content as far as possible. For example, simply offering a ‘tweet this article’ option on your blog post can enhance the chances of users sharing the link on their twitter account with a large number of followers. This alone acts as an excellent link building tool. To be able to optimize this, your title must contain relevant keywords so that they appear on the twitter post for others to search and see.

Now gain clarity on the various aspects of your content and URL that you can benefit from on various social networking websites and make sure you incorporate them in your overall link building and content strategy alike.

3. Enhancing your Presence on Article Directories:

Article marketing is an interesting way to spreading your links across the internet. Submitting articles which consist of links to your website to article directories allows you to offer great exposure to your content and also drive visitors to your website.

You can also employ guest posting techniques which allow you post entries a reputed directory. You can do so by networking and generating opportunities to make guest posts on other websites. This allows you to enhance your own profile as well as incorporate links back to your primary website.

If you strategy team is able to develop fresh and interesting content that will benefit someone else, you can leverage from this cornerstone content by driving traffic to your own website as well.

You can also find yourself websites that accept free press releases. This is a good way to incorporate your links into content thus further exposing yourself to people who are likely to click on the link if they find your press release interesting and relevant.

In conclusion, all your internet marketing and content strategies are a waste if you are not able to find a way to boost traffic of visitors who will access them. Link building strategies need to be optimized to its best potential by ensuring that your links are associated with relevant and authoritative sources. Make sure you generate interesting content and promote it through link building based on ethical and mutually beneficial associations that do not affect the credibility of your website negatively and aide you in meeting the overall goal of your SEO initiatives in enhancing your business avenues.