Checklist for a successful SEO campaign from start to finish

Checklist for a successful SEO campaign from start to finish

When a SEO Agency starts a Search Engine Optimization campaign, it does requires a fair amount of planning. An SEO campaign will get you better results over a period of time. Although there are no time limits that one can put on this, a consistent pattern in applying SEO techniques will result in quicker results.

Before launching an SEO campaign, you need to understand the process that Google undertakes while ranking pages. The first thing that Google does is to assign the Googlebot program to ‘crawl’ through your pages. The crawling process involves sifting through web page URLs that are already a part of the database as well as new ones that have been submitted. If it is a new site or page that you are conducting an SEO campaign for, you need to submit your XML’s to Google. Links that are present on the web pages also get submitted for crawling. This is important to understand as it can help you form a better SEO process. The further detail about linking your web pages to enhance Search Engine Optimization is explained in the latter part of this article. Once the crawling process is over, the relevant words in the page are indexed. The connection between indexing and keyword usage is also explained below. It is with the help of this indexing that Google produces its search results.

How can you ensure that you are not just a part of the search results, but a higher rank than others? Here is a checklist that a SEO Expert will keep in mind before starting an SEO campaign.

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  • 1) Evaluate

Before you begin with any campaign, you must first evaluate what your website is all about and what it stands for. Ask yourself the following questions:

a) What message should my website convey?
b) What kind of visitors do I want on my website?
c) Once visitors access my website, what do I want them to do?
d) How often can I put up relevant content and bring in more visitors?

Getting a clear picture will help you in knowing what should be highlighted and what can be passed. After all, it would not make sense to bring in visitors who are looking for something that your site does not offer. Or worse, failure to bring in visitors who are looking for what you have to offer!

  • 2) Set goals

Setting goals helps you keep track. It is easy for SEO related tasks to remain in the bottom of the pile. But, SEO can only be successful when there is consistency and dedication. This is why it is important to set clearly defined objectives and follow a predetermined course of action.

  • 3) Keywords

Google has a database of keywords that you can choose from and include in your content. Broadly, keywords are based on search queries of users. You need to shortlist the keywords that are relevant to your website and business. For example, if you are a website promoting eBooks, the keywords you use in your content should be relevant to eBook related searches that users may have. Also, include variations of keywords. This can further boost your rank on Search Engines. Your webpage/site gets indexed based on the keywords in your content. It is important to note that one should not spam or overuse the keywords (Keyword stuffing). Major Search Engines do not tolerate these methods. It would be a good idea to include the keywords in the Meta data and Meta tags and the URL.

  • 4) Create meaningful content

It is mentioned before that there should be consistency while conducting an SEO campaign. There should also be regular update of content on the website. This content should be meaningful and relevant. New content on the website/page results in crawling. This is one of the ways to boost SEO and get a higher ranking.

  • 5) Internal and external links

Google also judges the relevance of web pages based on the links that are directed to that page, both internal and external. What can you do to boost this? You can write blogs, post on social media websites and let your links appear on other relevant webpages. Be careful not to overdo it, however. For example, if you post too many internal links to your purchase page, Google will smell a rat and hold it against you. It is better to be prudent while putting up links and doing it only in cases where it matters.

Result monitoring

A successful SEO campaign is one that is ongoing. Once you begin your SEO journey, it is a commitment till the end. It is important to keep monitoring and giving Google new instances that can get your pages to rank higher. It is not an easy task, but it is a supremely beneficial one. Remember one thing, Google cannot be fooled. Do the right thing and you will gain. Otherwise, your can be banished from the Search Engine Kingdom.

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