Designing for the End-User

Designing for the End-User

I have to accept that there are no dumb users, only dumb products , Timothy Prestero, CEO, Design that Matters.

And those who think that users are dumb should really just design smarter products! Well, Timothy Prestero didn’t say that. But I’m sure he would have agreed with me.

Think about it! 🙂

Let’s take for example the world’s most popular search engine — Google. Sure, it has a better search algorithm, but there’s no denying that users love its simple design compared with other competitors who tried to become search portals, doing too many things at once.

Since a product is only as good as the user perceives its usefulness, it’s vital to be able to design a product in just the way that the product is meant to be used.

That’s actually more complicated than it sounds since the manufacturer must look at ways the product may be misused or even abused. Eliminating such features will help to create a product that’s not only popular, but used in the way it was intended.

Web Design for the End User

Assuming your product already meets all these above conditions, it’s certain you’re now going to need an effective and usable website to display and sell your product/s.

With so many other websites selling similar or alternate products means then you have a task to take as much, if not greater care to all the design aspects of your website. The visual and aesthetic appeal as well as usability and its functionality ultimately is what attracts more visitors and converts them into your loyal customers.

You’ll want to display pictures, maybe host a video clip, some animation, existing customer feedback, etc. Sure, you can pack in all of the information that a visitor to your website would need.

What you would need is —

  • To arrange all these items in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Keep all usability issues in mind and makes it simple for the visitor to understand each item clearly.
  • Create a positive end user-experience on your website that will ultimately convert users to customers and also have them talking about your website to their friends, family and colleagues.

You’ll also need pleasing color combinations, maybe soothing music, clear, beautiful pictures neatly arranged, all designed to create a great user experience! And of course you need to smoothen out all with privacy, security and legal issues separately to create what is known as an end-to-end solution.

At Ismoip we have a professionally driven team of web & usability experts, technology experts, and marketing professionals, and they can all work together to make your website work for you in perfect harmony. If you’ve done all this, you would have created a design to achieve your particular goal.

And in Prestero’s own words, if you really want to make a difference, you design for outcomes keeping the customer in front. That’s design that matters.