Generalist Web designers are here to Stay

Generalist Web designers are here to Stay

With web becoming complex-er, most generalist Web designers have been making a beeline into specializations and moving for roles such as content strategists, user experience architects or front-end coders. And yet, there are others who choose to remain generalists, but are often perceived as relatively unskilled.

However, behind all pages of any good website lays an elaborate process, thoughtful design, sensible development and most importantly a GOOD generalist Web designer.

Confusing, Confusing,

Most often people confuse being a generalist with lacking skills. However, in handling large projects or doing multiple tasks, generalist web designers are better positioned to work with bigger teams or even different specialists. Moreover, due to the low budget plans of small or mid-size organizations as well as small teams in large organizations, most owners prefer generalists over specialized web designers.

Though it is true that specializing is a good way to differentiate or create a niche, industry veterans believes that there will always be enough room for generalist Web designers till they continue to focus on quality work, and achieve better experience/ knowledge.

Generalist Web designers have the leverage to more developments, techniques and technologies. Unlike specialists who only have to focus or track their niche domain or area of expertise, being a generalist is not easy. They have to keep track of all new emerging opportunities and developments; current as well as future technologies and market trends. But generalists having knowledge in all fields do not have to outsource or rely on other contractors and has multiple options to sell to different sectors and has opportunities to explore diverse areas.

Though being a generalist has its own set of advantages, it is never easy to stand out from the crowd. A key challenge faced by most generalist is that clients believe specialization comes with a cost and they can afford generalists at much lesser cost. And even though both – generalists and specialist web designers have their unique set of qualities and advantages, it would be wrong to rank any one over another. Both require support from other to maintain a counter balance to ever-increasing complexity of Web.