Coffee, Creativity & SEO

Coffee, Creativity & SEO

The search for meaningful distinction is a central part of any internet marketing effort. If marketing is seminally about anything, it is about achieving customer-getting distinction by differentiating what you do or how you operate. 

An iconic figure in the world of marketing once said ‘Nothing drives progress like the imagination’. The idea that precedes the deed – starts with an imaginative mind. And the work itself works best when fuelled, again, by the imagination (and coffee). Of course, this does not mean imagination is more important than knowledge. Information does hold the currency of modern online business, but it is the creative ideas that provide the seeds for its growth and prosperity.

What’s more, such overwhelming brain-storming can certainly leave you to desire an aromatic cuppa Coffee!! 🙂

Well, come to think of it …there is really nothing funny about coffee and ideas. In fact, Coffee is a serious business the world over. 90 % of Americans and Canadians depend on it when it comes to waking them up and putting them in a better mood. The society in general and Italians in particular drink their espresso with sugar, the Germans and Swiss- with equal parts of hot chocolate, the Mexicans-with cinnamon, the Belgians-with chocolate. More than just the ideas, it also opens a flood gate of adrenalin that pushes those ideas.

But really for me — I enjoy my creative lighter fluid to adorn the wings of a butterfly yes just like the one right there in the center.

Coffee, an established product — consumed world over — -but, creatively differentiated here with an alluring look certainly tricked the treat for me. By means of introducing this ingenious concept, the coffee store’s growth rate soared from 12% prior to the campaign to 30% following it, without the least disrupting its marketing budget.

Getting Coffee Creative with SEO EXPERTS

At the peak of today’s commercial renaissance, profitability of online companies is affected greatly by the extent to which they are meaningfully differentiated from competing alternatives. Businesses that strive to consistently bring in new and novel ideas to the market (such as above) enjoy the rewards of significant growth and long-term profits.

While every website represents new and interesting optimization challenges — getting creative with SEO as SEO consultant is about thinking how a marketing program can encompass a ‘fresh’ twist of imagination on its social, graphic design, link building, content generation, and PR to drive toward a common goal. All such require at least some amount of experimentation.

Should we write a blog post twice a week? How to best handle a press release? How must to get creative in determining the best keywords to target for our website. Or, how about a video?

Infographic? Which method of link-building or content generation gives us the best chance at gaining a presence in the search engines?

Getting imaginative in SEO is making an inspired leap into the process. Artistic creativity here also means re-imagining a website’s design or code so as to improve its overall usability and accessibility, yet improving SEO.

Recognizing this, businesses are more fully embracing creativity and innovation at the core of all their internet marketing strategies.

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