Re-imagining Classic SEO for Modern Businesses

Re-imagining Classic SEO for Modern Businesses

If you are an entrepreneur who has built or wants to put together a website based on a monetization strategy, then it is a diffusing target where you always need to keep your eyes on the horizon. For Google and its search results aren’t what they used to be.

If you look at Google’s search results you will notice a much deeper switch towards user engagement. A far cry from the traditional, organic site matches; Google now encompasses local maps, videos, images and social cues as well and it’s affecting on how we need to re-imagine our typical SEO practices.

Instead of spending your marketing time and dollars finding prospects the world over, take into account the following three – more targeted approaches.

Local Vancouver SEO

Claim your Google Places Listing.With the growth of new localized search results , Specify a local address, business name, and local contact phone numbers. By filling up this you come to realize how much potential there is right in your backyard. Consumers, local to your business, are taking notice and results show that they heavily gravitate towards such Place’s listings.

Some of the localized results not only appear for things like Vancouver pizza but also for single word searches in some cases, like pizza or flowers.

If your business relies on local listing, you can score a card by using –

    • Citations: When ever your business name, address and phone number appear together on a webpage then this counts as a citation. Ensure that you get it correctly listed in local directories and in as many reputable sources possible around the net. Needless to say, consistency is king. If you write ‘St.’ instead of Street on your Googles Places Page, make sure your other listings reflect the same.


    • Keywords: As with traditional SEO,¬†Search Engine Optimization¬†having your keywords in the right places is important for ranking. Don’t keyword stuff, but word your description carefully and use your primary keyword phrases.


    • Google Places Page Optimization: Include categories that match exactly, and point your places page back to a city-specific landing page if applicable.


    • Reviews: Reviews are one of the best ways to increase your local search rankings, but getting reviews from aggregators like Yelp, Superpages or Trip Advisor will help increase your presence.


Social Media as a Quality Signal in Search Rankings

Social media sharing has become more than just an expletive icon on a websites profile. All the relevant Likes, Posts, Tweets, Retweets, +1’s and Pins(Pinterest) determine the quality of a webpage and ultimately where they would rank in search engines. With any SEO campaign created by a SEO Agency Vancouver, you put into motion, include a social aspect to it to facilitate information sharing.

Drench in Good Content Links, Literally Soak in Them

Just building a reputation focussing on great content can drive people to your site. An effective long-term SEO strategy would be to get involved in the community around your topic, both on your website and across other sites. Interact and contribute on forums and blogs, rather than spamming or soliciting for your site. Guest blogging is also great, for instance, but to gain precedence on competition, target blogs that aren’t direct matched to your industry.

For example, a client of our company sells weight loss services, so we wrote a blog post about how to maintain a workout regimen and stay motivated, and the link we got back was one their competitors didn’t already have.

Finally, consider making linking to your site easier for less tech savvy users. Similar to the way we do it on YouTube, offering bookmarking services for social sites like Twitter or Facebook can help spread the word about the great content on your site and draw users’ attention.

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