Top On Site SEO Parameters

Top On Site SEO Parameters

The key behind ensuring higher rankings and the ability to be easily found on the internet is to first get a clear understanding of the SEO parameters placed by a SEO Company, that aid in achieving this. The performance of your website is generally rated by how easy it is to locate it by the audiences.

Among the most common parameters that impact your SEO exercises are:

1. Choice of Domain Name:

While ranking websites, most top search engines consider the type and age of your domain. The ranking of your website is also affected by the incorporation of certain keywords in your URL and the number of times the URL has transferred ownership or changed hands.

To be able to fully understand the significance of domain names as a parameter to your SEO initiatives, you first need to know what the different types of domains are:

    1. a) Branded Domain Names: The lucky few domain names which consist of only the brand name. Apple, Nike, TCS, IBM, HCL and Sony are some suchexamples.
    2. b) Geographic Domain Names: These domain names chose to incorporate their geographic location in some way or the other along with their company name or type of business. For example, one could have a website called or to leverage on generic city specific searches that users make.
    3. c) Generic Domain Names: These could names of generic products of services such as or
    4. d) Hybrid of Branded and Generic Domain Names: Typically taken up due to unavailability of a branded domain name, these could be a relevant combination of the brand name and the product or service the brand offers. Example, or

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2. Keyword Placement in Content

All search engines have the capabilities to track the number of pages you have on your website, whether or not the content on your website is fresh and it also has the ability to check for keyword density.

It has been proven time and again that the placement of keywords is one of the most significant factors of SEO. It is recommended that you place your keywords in your content titles; preferably the first word of your title must be a keyword, the URL of the page or content post, the main heading, the main body of your content, in the first paragraph of the main body, text in your images, in your sub headings, and anchor texts in links.

Remember to also make use of words synonymous to your keywords to be able to sufficiently cover the chances of users making alternative searches and also to make sure that your content does not look like it is stuffed with keywords.

3. Outbound links and Back Linking:

Another crucial onsite SEO parameter that impacts the success of your website traffic is the number of outbound and back-links possessed by your website. In simply words, back-links are links that direct users back to your website.

The benefits of sprinkling back-links across the internet are evident. The more links that lead back to your website, the more popular it is going to seem to search engines, thus further enhancing your rankings. Back-linking is also an interesting way to expand your network of contacts and driving traffic towards your website. If your website is linked around a relevant article or piece of information, users are bound to click on your website to learn more.

Arranging for an exchange of links with other websites that tend to share similar set of content keywords is an excellent way to enhance your recognition on search engines. Exchanging links is a cost-effective method that offers invaluable results towards driving traffic to your website and boosting your SEO goals. At the same time, remember to be careful as to where you provide the links to your website for the sake of the credibility of your business and website. If your link ends up getting associated with a website that falls under the umbrella of spamming websites according to search engines, you will be risking having your website labelled among them.

Exploit the benefits of back-linking by first ensuring the websites where you are placing your links are relevant to your business and website. If you are a dental hygiene website, you would not want a chewing gum brand linking to your website. To able to make sure our back-linking exercises are implemented effectively you must make sure you exchange links with only those websites that compliment your business and what it stands for.

To be able to explore the maximum potential of your website from an SEO Agency perspective, the ideal most thing to do is employ a Vancouver SEO Consultant who is an expert and proficient with the parameters of on-site SEO – Search Engine Optimization and are able to provide you with innovative ideas to exploit them for the benefit of your internet marketing goals.

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