The Internet Battlefield: Why should your Business care about ranking in Google?

The Internet Battlefield: Why should your Business care about ranking in Google?

Much as the most robust real estate markets in Canada, there is a land grab happening right now in the internet world. Site owners know that the success of their business can depend on one significant aspect and that is Location.

Instead of being placed at a busy Vancouver intersection, a great deal of today’s internet businesses is vying to be in the first 10 spots on Google – for a keyword their customer might search. As search engine optimization begins to mature, obtaining one of these choice locations is going to get a lot tougher, real fast.

Why? Google keeps hush about the secret network of computers delivering lightning-fast search results the same way KFC safeguards its recipe. What we do know is that to see your business on a prominent listing in search rankings, the age of a domain and the number of sites linking into the site is considered valuable by Google. The age of the url is a considerable factor to be ranked. If you bought a domain a few weeks, or months ago there is a long road ahead. As time passes, sites already in the top 10 of specific keywords continue to age. The reality is the age of your website helps build trust and with time, they continue of strengthen a few of the items that influence the Google algorithm. . If the domain name matches the keyword, it’s even easier. So over the next 3 to 8 years many organizations that currently rank in Google’s top 10 for valuable keywords will likely be immovable unless, of course, there is a major change in how Google ranks results.

So we come back to the question as to why should your business care about ranking in Google? Think about yourself as a consumer with a need. This need could be a simple consumer purchase or a complex business need. How do you research this need – by typing a keyword or phrase in Google. Now this could be a great opportunity for your company if your site is properly SEO’ed for those certain search keywords. Should your company site rank well in the first few pages on Google, chances are that customer searching for answers will find it.

As product category and service offering keywords continue to be traffic “hot spots” online, it is imperative to grab those key, top 10 location-grabs while it is still possible to do so. If you aren’t focusing on search engine optimization now, you may well regret it in the future.