Transformation in SEO Industry via Social Search Sites

Transformation in SEO Industry via Social Search Sites

Microsoft’s search engine has announced an agreement with Facebook and Bing to know the opinion of its searcher’s friends and know about the number of ‘likes’ on Facebook. Even Google has started to add Twitters updates on its search results. It has become a natural innovation procedure for the companies as well as search engines to know the searcher’s existing social point of view.

SEO Agency Vancouver insiders are wondering how far this innovation is going to affect the Search Engine Optimization. Approach of a SEO campaign has been completely changed because of the social media sites. SEO Professional Experts are looking for new and innovative ideas to optimize the sites on social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Bing and many more.

Method Is Changed, Not The Aim

The aim is to attain the highest position on the search engine. The methods have been changing since the last 15 years- first wildcat method was in operation then webmasters came up with content services which are considered to be the most dynamic and strong yet fast-growing operation in the world of technology. The growth is constant and rapid because of the constant evolution in the very nature of the search engine.

Every technology comes with its limitations. The question is complex how long this evolution will continue. But the way the handshakes are seen in the Internet Market it seems this technology will stay for longer than thought of. Bing-Facebook agreement and Google updates has changed the way business is conducted but has not changed the fundamentals of business. Day-to-day innovation in the process of optimization still remains the same. The goal of the Search Engine Optimization Consultant is to make site reach at the highest position on the search engine.

Social media has opened a new world for online market. Sites like Facebook have about 500 million users. The young site can easily reach the top position if viewed by searchers of Facebook. Following the same trend are the other social networking sites such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Brightkite, Twitter, Bing and many more. Reach out to the end users and know their likes and dislikes which contribute to a prefect website which has the maximum number of users.

New Digital Media Agencies Are SEO Firms

The organic search results have made SEO firms digital media agencies. SEO firms are constantly keeping track of Google Algorithms, Bing emergence, developing Google local, using instant search, paid searches and using Twitter feeds. The Digital agencies first makes a website present felt on the web, then attracts the end users and maintains its reputations and create and maintains a social presence of the site. It’s online branding of a product which will encourage business via Internet.

Though there are doubts in minds whether the SEO firms will become Digital Media Agencies or not? Doubts should be removed completely from the mind because in the growing technology world many firms have become digital media agencies and the result will follow the crowd soon.

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