HaHa! Damn! That’s FUNNNY — Humour Thy Blog

HaHa! Damn! That’s FUNNNY — Humour Thy Blog

Most of us see only what we need to see. But, learning to include humour in our blogs can help examine situations in unconventional, sometimes even bizarre ways. Such examination leads to insight, as we uncover them, the highest goal of any communication.

That’s not to say that every piece you write needs to be a comedy piece, but you need to keep the following elements in mind next time you need to insert a haha! in your audience —

The Idea Should be True

Dear Rest Of Canada- Please Get Your Own Hockey Team. Go Canucks! Lol

Humour as the above and Below Suggest must be based on Truth —

‘You didn’t always punish me when I was naughty. Sometimes you let Dad have his fun, too.’

‘We usually meet all our relatives only at funerals where someone always observes, It’s too bad we can’t get together like this more often. Sam Levenson

I once went on a three-week diet and lost twenty-one days. Henny Youngman

Life begins at forty, but so does arthiritis and the habit of telling the same story three times to the same person. Jack E. Leonard

These are all funny lines from funny people, but you notice that each of them has an element of truth connected to it. In fact, it enhances the communication value, as all of it starts with one truth, in an original, clever and inventive way.

Of Course the TRUTH can be exaggerated, distorted, twisted, convoluted or stretched to its extremes…;)

The Idea should be Recognizable


The basic premise of a humorous pun should be so recognizable that readers can say, Yes! That has happened to me.

On the JOB !! NO Laughing Matter

When Ever possible, the Idea should be Localized

A pun, a reference to the pop-culture phenomenon of the moment, supportive media in the form of funny images, an amusing anecdote, all these things which can be related and is of local relevance to your blog audience – can be added in the body of your content.

Think of It!! Next Time your wisecracking approach can more likely capture your audience and throw some of their stress away.