Google Search and the Power of +1

Google Search and the Power of +1

‘It’s a Google Thing’
Google+ hasn’t been in the social media realm for long. But, are we beginning to see the dotted lines connect between Google plus and its Search Rankings?

Google Plus has been in the social realm for less than six months and comparisons of its positioning itself for a full-fledged battle with Facebook and Twitter has already provoked an intense debate. It may not be a direct threat yet for Facebook, nevertheless Google Plus’s current figures of 40 to 60 million users foreshadow a future where Google could directly compete for the top spot in the world of social networking. Although G+ doesn’t have everything just right, but it does have one thing going for it that Facebook and Twitter doesn’t …and… yes it’s good for rankings…in Google.

Google doesn’t index all of Facebook at present. It’s a lame-duck for SEO Search Engine Optimization. But, Google does index anything publicly for Google+.

Google Search and the Power of +1

Google+ provides the feature that can link your site to your G+ page so that all your +1’s from your Page, your website, and search results will get tallied together and appear as a single total. You can link your site to your Page either using the Google+ badge or with a piece of code. Markup that enables websites to publicly link within their site from content to author pages is the rel=author tag the integration that Google’s been supporting since the summer. Advantage SEO potential visitors are more likely to see the +1’s your page or site has received, meaning your +1’s will reach not only the 40 million users of Google+, but all the people who come to Google every day.

Google+ Content to conquer Search Results

While it would be hasty to dismiss Facebook and Twitters impact on SERPs in Google , Google+ content is slowly and surely sweeping through Search Engine results. For it, Google is now linking the Author Information image in the main search directly with recent Google Plus posts in a result much like the Plus Places integration seen earlier. In addition, Google has taken the extra step to add this markup to everything hosted by YouTube and Blogger. In the future, both platforms will automatically include this markup when you publish content.

Google + 1 Search Result

When a search result with rel=author appears in Google’s search results, the author’s avatar and the adjacent byline both now link to a new Google search results page that begins with the author’s Google+ profile.

The Google+ profile integration is even more substantial if you’re searching directly on the author’s name. In this case, Google shows a couple recent Google+ posts in addition to the profile information.

G+ 1 Search Result

Google has been slowly and quietly inserting Google+ into its main search results recently. It seems safe to say that it’s the next Google thing.

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