Effective Content-Centric SEO A Central component of Lead Generation Initiatives

Effective Content-Centric SEO A Central component of Lead Generation Initiatives

A rich end-user experience is what search marketing always strives for.

From results that include instant, real-time, and personalized information to pages that include blue links, video, images, news, press releases and real-time social media content marketers as well as Search Engine Optimization Consultants are now envisaging a growing shift to inbound marketing to achieve good organic rankings.

According to the 2010 MarketingSherpa Search Engine Marketing Report, marketers are valuing content creation as the most difficult (yet most effective) SEO Search Engine Optimization tactic. For its products and services to be found across all formats and venues, organizations need to be strategic with their content planning and processes; and ever-savvy with the creation and optimization of all digital content assets. As a result, it comes as no surprise, when they say that the role of content, including optimized content sits at the top intersection of what is search and social.

Needless to say, Internet marketers & SEO Consultants need new content to enforce and build upon keyword strategies, acquire links, and attract attention in social media. Simply put, good content makes for a better end-user experience.

Content Creation Stands Apart

As per the report, Content Creation works best, but takes the most work. When done well, good content can create the right hubbub, attract links and improve their SEO positions. But at the same time the effort required in creating quality content is immense.

So what is effective SEO-centric content? In our experience, many SEO landing pages are synonymous to company’s home page. If the pages have strong customer-oriented language good layouts and clear call-to-actions, there is a greater likelihood of ‘click through’ than ‘click back’.

Slideshare, Whitepapers and webinars are other leading examples of good content, with marketers rating these as very effective content products.

Further SEO-centric content requires minute attention to detail and a certain planning on both its short and long term impact. With a myriad of concerns on top of the marketer’s mind, it is thus not uncommon to see negligence of best practices and oversight to details.

Some of the SEO-Content Centric best practices a marketer should always follow are:

  • Optimization of Keyword phrase in Page Title, URL, Description and H1 tag.
  • Cross-links between relevant content assets
  • Share-friendly icons and functionality
  • Social media buttons and traditional link building outreach

Content Communication with Products

The following example from the site Pampers.com show how content is related to the product category that they are selling. The Popular topics are on the mind parent with an infant at home, and when they are at the site, they do not mind checking out the additional resources.

Delivering Link Communication through Social Media Assets

Social media buttons for popular social networking websites at the bottom of the page

Organizations that routinely follow a formal process and thorough guidelines for their SEO-Content Centric practices and programs real the biggest bottom-line benefits.

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