Don’t let your website behave like wall flower. Be proactive and let people find your website!

Don’t let your website behave like wall flower. Be proactive and let people find your website!

SEO VancouverGot your new website done! Congrats! Sitting next to your phone, refreshing your inbox again and again, or opening the door every 30mins? Sorry to say but all this alone won’t bring in customers. You need to let them know that your business exists.

We get so many clients who believe that building an awesome website with beautiful web design is more than enough to increase their revenues by zillion %age. Had it been so straight forward, then every business owner would have shelled $3,000 to get an awesome website and walked away with zillion dollars as new found revenue. A new website needs to let its visitors know that it exists, just like a new graduate needs to reach out to its potential employers.

3 things which you can do to get your website out there in the market are:-
. Spend thousands of dollars out of your ever increasing cash flow on newspaper ads.
. Hire an Adwords expert and put a budget of $2,000/month for each city you want to target.
. Hire a student to hold your placard on streets and let the by-passers know that your website resides somewhere on internet, go find it!

And if the above mentioned tricks, look NOT so simple to you then:-
Consider getting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service for your website (see here for more info on Web Design Vancouver services) so that people who are searching for your service/product on Google, can find you there.

Five reasons why SEO should be the first marketing initiative of your new website:-
1. Ranking high on search engines generates instant and regular leads as now you are in front of people who are actively searching for your products/services.
2. Ranking on top doesn’t only means leads but also adds to your credibility in the eyes of your potential customers. Many users believe and associate top search ranks with the credibility of a company.
3. 50% of total clicks happen only on top 5 ranks on page 1. Therefore if you are not in top 5, you are losing a major chunk of potential leads.
4. SEO is not an over night game. It needs consistent work for quite a few months. Starting early gives you a leeway as then you can expect results by the time you start incurring other fixed costs in your business.
5. Last but not the least, search engine ranking is one of the most measureable form of marketing as you can count the dollar amount you spent and the number of leads it generated for you in that year.