Blogs the Thing Reflecting on Text Context and 20 Odd Tactics to improve its Traffic

Blogs the Thing Reflecting on Text Context and 20 Odd Tactics to improve its Traffic

Part I/4

As we know it – writing a blog is really not about crafting luminous stories sentence by sentence, nor is it totally about grabbing the reader’s brain.

Worse, as bloggers from big and small dot coms, we often perpetuate the notion that if we learn to write grand ‘keyword inserted’ sentences, and string enough of them together, somehow ‘by magic’ we’d have written a perfectly-scooped, top selling SEO story.

Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As we unravel in this part of the series – a love of words and a dance on exquisite sentences is not the ideal gravy to build a successful blog with significant traffic. Incorporating certain Blog-tactics can help pave a path for its significant rise. Of course, not all of its tactics will work for everyone, but a permutation of it should be useful and applicable for most.

So before we try to get a shot on this prominence, please note, this post is intended to be useful to all forms of bloggers those from tiny start-ups to worthy companies; and for anyone who seeks to monetize his or her blog or is looking to market their blog/s in new ways.

Tactic #1

Place your Content Where the Audience can Recommend or Share Further

The degree to which someone has a propensity to share is an important factor in determining his or her role in other’s people path to recommend further. Those deemed as ‘High Sharers’** are particularly valuable to bloggers while placing their content, as they act as advocates and amplifiers of the blog’s or article’s message.

Furthermore there are particular communities, topics, writing styles and content types that regularly play better than others on the web. When strategizing about the audience’s ability to spread the word, you could identify with what works as a positive amp and engages audience with shareable content. For example, it could be a great infographic that strike the chord, or beautiful videos that tell a story, or witty humour that challenge common assumptions.

If you can identify groups that have high fuselage, your blog is surely to make a meteoric rise.

Tactic # 2

Dive in your Audiences Community Participate, Engage, Build Trust

This is not too difficult; in fact you probably already know where a few blogs, forums, websites and social media communities around your content exist on the web. Once you’ve identified relevant communities based on common interests, you can nose-dive into it by….creating an account and being a good fish in it.

Now remember, your aim to become the ‘star-fish’ of the community will only be rewarded when you have first patiently read what others have written, been a good listener, and tweaked in appropriate conversations and comments. Be a good fish-citizen, test the waters, swim with the currents and then associate with others. Soon you’ll be rewarded with traffic, trust and fans. 🙂 (and fins!)

Tactic # 3

Let Search Find your Blog , Make it SEO Friendly

We often find that much of the business side of blogging, from inquiries for advertising to guest posting opportunities to press and discovery by major media entities comes via search.

SEO for blogs is both simple and easy to set up, particularly if you’re using an SEO-friendly platform like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. Don’t Ignore. Take advantage of it. For Search Engines is a massive opportunity for traffic.

Tactic #4

Get Social , Post and Share on Major Networking Sites

Social networking giants, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ together attract more than 1700 million active users, and those who participate on these services fit into the ‘High Sharers’ category above, meaning they’re likely to help spread the word about your blog.

Leveraging these networks to attract traffic thus requires patience, study, and attention to changes in consideration to what content to share and how to do it. Again, consistency is the key here, you need to employ a strategy of participation, share great stuff and make a positive impression on those you are interacting with.

If done consistently, and with patience, this is a great way to drive traffic back to your blog, esp. when SEO is a less consistent driver.

** High Sharers , People with characteristically a wide social network, seeking entertainment, information or social interaction, young, web-savvy and influential in some ways.

To be Continued……