Blogs the Thing Reflecting on Text Context and 20 Odd Tactics to improve its Traffic

Blogs the Thing Reflecting on Text Context and 20 Odd Tactics to improve its Traffic

Part 4/4

Tactic # 16

Request your Readers to take a Survey

Web surveys are easy to run, often produce high engagement and are great topics of conversation. Online tools such as SurveyMonkey or PollDaddy are survey tools that are totally free, and provide a good way to evaluate the online experience of your visitors, measure satisfactions and suggest website improvements based on feedback.

Tactic # 17

Add value to a Popular Blogo-Conversation

Numerous niches in the blogosphere have a few blog sites where key issues arise and get discussed. Figure out a way to add value to those conversations. You needn’t always have to agree with the peoples point (in fact the best discussions get going when the disagreeing happens). Getting into the fray by sharing your thoughts and opinions of the subject can earn you the attention and the potential links and traffic from the industry leaders as part of the process.

Tactic # 18

Connect your Web Profiles and Content to your Blog

Whatever you’re producing on the web and wherever you’re doing it, tie it back to your blog. You may be active in uploading content to Flickr, Facebook, or Picasa or you might have profiles on services like YouTube, Slideshare, Yahoo! etc; including your blog’s link at the start or end of the video, or a watermark text with your domain name on photos shared will have those interested users find you with ease.

Tactic #19

Uncover the Links of your Competition

Conducting competitive link research can show you what content from your competition has performed well and the strategies they may be using to market their work. It is through the exhaustive research of looking through hundreds of links that you can identify patterns and strategies. Use them to your advantage; Chances are you’re also likely to find a lot of guest blogging opportunities and other chances of outreach.

Tactic # 20

NEVER Give Up!

I believe that’s the mantra to all of your blogging efforts. I continually run across individuals who advocate blogging for at least two years in order to realise its greatest potential. Earning traffic isn’t rocket science, but it does take the time, perseverance and consistency.

So do not give up and Stick to your schedule. Every now and then there are those dull days, or some sucky posts that better go down the drain, but the effort and persistence will eventually transform your blog into something remarkable.

Good Luck and Happy Blogging! 🙂