Blogs the Thing Reflecting on Text Context and 20 Odd Tactics to improve its Traffic

Blogs the Thing Reflecting on Text Context and 20 Odd Tactics to improve its Traffic

Part 3/4

Moving on to Part 3 of this blog, we uncover another set of 5 tactics to improve your blogs tactics and visibility

Tactic # 11

Interact on other Blogs

As bloggers, a good way to acquire internal links is by participation on other high quality blogs. By adding and leaving quality comments, you can achieve great things for your own site’s visibility. But do be conscious of the name you use when commenting and the URL(s) you point back to. Consistency matters, particularly on naming and linking to internal pages.

Tactic # 12

Participate in Forums and Q n Sites

Everyday thousands of people ask questions on the web through popular services like Yahoo! Answers,, Quora, Formspring etc. You can find great value in answering a few questions here which provide in-depth insight for those hungry for information, better still prepare a blog post to tackle the Q while linking back. If people are interested in the answer on a Q+A site, chances are good they would want to read it on your blog too.

Answering and participating on forums related to your blog/site is also an interesting way to link back authentically.

Tactic # 13

Enable RSS feeds

In order to pull back your readers, I highly recommend creating an RSS feed using feedburner and putting visible buttons on the sidebar, top or bottom of the blog posts encouraging those who enjoy your content to sign up (either via feed, or via email, both of which are popular options).

Tactic # 14

Attend and Host Events

We always remember a face. Isn’t it. Despite the immense power of the web, a personal connect or in-person meetings are still remarkably useful for bloggers seeking to grow traffic and influence. The more people you meet and connect with in real-world settings, the more likely you sway naturally to discuss about your blog and ways to help each other. This yields guest posts, links, tweets, shares, blogroll inclusion and general business development like nothing else.

Tactic #15

Add your Blogroll address to your Email Signature

The email-channel should not be ignored as it has a great power to help spread your work. You’re likely to be sending a lot of email out to others and the inclusion of your blog signature at the bottom will help generate interest amongst your acquaintances. Feel free to bring up your blog, a specific post or topic you’ve written about and see how many clicks email footers really can earn 🙂 .

…Catch up with the last of the series soon…

To be Continued !