Blogs the Thing Reflecting on Text Context and 20 Odd Tactics to improve its Traffic

Blogs the Thing Reflecting on Text Context and 20 Odd Tactics to improve its Traffic

Part 2/4

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We take this post further as we continue to unshackle more of the 20 odd tactics to increase your blog traffic. Without further ado here’s —-

Tactic # 5

Install Google Analytics – Create a Customized Dashboard

You don’t need to be an Analysis Ninja to create a customized dashboard on Google Analytics. It’s quite a blow to realize that a very small tiny number of people who have access to web analytics tools actually use them (and for those not knowing, Google Analytics is a free tool).

When it comes to data analysis, you can squeeze and discover all the exotic delights built in in its hidden crevices. From Advanced segmentation to custom reports, from social metrics to competitive intelligence, there are infinite paths to leverage the tool’s built-in features for filtering/visualizing your blogs data.

Percentage, Performance, Comparison, Term Cloud and Pivot. All exist here to make your life easy. As you can see, there are all sorts of great insights available, and you can focus on the high quality and high traffic sources while putting in less effort into marketing paths that may not be effective.

Tactic # 6

Add Images, Graphics, Illustrations..Clipart Videos…All to Make your Blog Appealing!

The human mind, after all, has the creative impulse built into its operating system. It’s hard-wired to enjoy and appreciate anything that it finds creatively appealing or beautiful. So let’s do it!!

Add images, illustrations, info graphics…or videos …all this is so full of promise and hype and possible awesomeness than drives out the ‘big boring data’ 🙂 in front of you. In short, you should leverage the talent of creativity in your blog.

(my limited creativity abilities 🙂 …I’m sure you can do better! 🙂 )

By uploading and hosting images (or using third party service like Flick), you create another traffic source for yourself via Image Search and uncover new sources of traffic.

Tactic # 7

Research your Keywords before writing your Posts

Ordinarily, an inexperienced marketer will write whatever he or she finds interesting without taking into consideration the important aspects ofSEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is perfectly fine if you just wanna blog, however, if you want to earn off your blog then you have to know how to keyword research and luckily, there’s a free tool from Google to help called the Adwords Keyword Tool.

As with Google Analytics, there is a lot to play around here, but watch out in particular for the match types options to get that exact phrase to work upon.

The keyword/s determines is best utilized for the title and headline of the post. As hard as it sounds, 80 % of the value comes from merely using the phrase effectively in the title, and of course writing high-quality content about the subject.

Tactic # 8

Participate in Social Sharing Communities

Social Networking sites are not alone to grab the power of millions. Social community sites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. also attract millions of views each day. As with participation in blog or forum communities, you need to add value to these communities to see value back.

Tactic #9

Blog as a Guest and Accept Guest posts of Others

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to spread your brand to new folks, who’ve never seen your work before, and it can be useful in earning early links and references back to your site.

Tactic # 10

Incorporate a Great Design into your Blog

Again, creativity does play a role in how your blog looks and feels. A beautiful, usable and professional design wins more trust from a design and UX perspective. Those that feature stunning design clearly indicates quality work, a higher time-on-page, more pages per visit and a greater likelihood of being shared.

Watch out this space for more innovative tactics..coming soon…