Advantages of Joomla

Advantages of Joomla

Joomla, Content Management System

Joomla! Content Management System (‘or CMS’) is a powerful tool that enables easy control and presentation of your website. Joomla!-powered Web sites with its many features, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, and open source technology have made it one of the most popular web site software available. Its vantage is in developing any kind of website from simple, personal homepages, to web portals, to complex corporate web applications.

Joomla! Vs. Other commercial CMS solutions – The Difference !

This decision is not difficult to make when you recognize the ‘all encompassing’ benefits of Joomla! Unlike other commercial solutions that offer you tight-rope module versions according to your budget, Joomla! comes cost-free, requiring minimal amount of set-up instruction. With an awesome amount of extension and add-ons available, developers, users and designers are empowered to flex its usability into any direction.

That’s not all! Joomla! has an active community of more than 200,000 (validated) friendly users and developers.

Joomla has been embraced for every type of web site need which can be explored below.

Joomla! Open source, free and easy to use

As Joomla code is open source, it can be embraced for every type of website need. Its framework and content publishing system is designed for quickly creating highly interactive commercial applications, online communities, ecommerce portals, blogs, magazines, and more. A simple and ‘free’ what-you-is-see-what-you-get interface enables even a non-techie person, without any programming or design skills, to easily manage its web content.

Runs on Any Platform

Joomla! runs on any platform including Windows, Linux, several UNIX versions, and the Apple OS/X platform. It also depends on PHP and MySQL database to deliver dynamic content.

Installation is Easy

Many hosting companies offer “instant” installation of Joomla! Any web server that can run PHP and has access to MySQL database lets you copy the Joomla! zip file to you hosting account, and then run the installation. After a straightforward 6-step installation process, you site is up and running!

Multi-Language Manager

Mixing Chinese, French or English just got easier! With Joomla’s international ‘sprache’ (language) support UTF-8 coding, you can set up your Websites in multiple-languages with one ‘back-office’ administrator panel to manage it all. Joomla also recognises a user’s operating system and automatically displays a site in the user’s language if it is available.

Joomla! provides all of the primary functions of managing Web page Content

Joomla! is a convenient CMS, means within its default user interface you can do things like – editing content in a word-processor style, adding new pages using a point-and-click-interface, building up images and other media through Web-based uploads, and control site elements like navigation menus and page layouts. You do not have to be that ‘geek-dabbler’ to be able to use the Joomla! interface. Also in Joomla, it’s easy to syndicate site content, allowing your users to subscribe to new content in their favorite RSS reader.

Instant Makeover with Fully Customizable Layouts

Joomla! uses a template system (with thousands to chose from) that allows you to change the look and the feel of your site easily without affecting the main content. You can play with its vast array of fonts, color schemes, images and presentations that are either free to download or are available at a nominal cost. You can either use a single template for the entire site or a separate template for each site section, allowing you to customize each part of your pages.

Multiple user authentications available

Unlike in traditional websites, where lots of development work is required, it is easy to give multiple user authentications in a Joomla website. Number of people can log on to the site simultaneously with their individual permissions.

Exhaustive Extensions Directory

7611 serving extensions, with new ones being added everyday! Joomla makes it easy to build applications either atop the Joomla Framework (the Joomla CMS is actually an application running on the framework) or within the CMS. Go to the Joomla! Extension Directory ( where you can download add-ons for almost any functionality you might need for your website. Even better, over 80% of the extensions are free!

SEO is my Friend

Joomla CMS meet all the SEO requirements to develop sites that are search engine friendly. Its HTML layout is well formed with no nestled tables making it easy to read for crawlers. The URL’s do not have any query strings making them search engine friendly. Also, Meta keywords can be defined at a global level (across the site) and also at page level.

Joomla is ultimately more powerful and better-designed for multifaceted sites. In addition to its advantages, it provides an extensive framework and tried-and tested security features that underpin the Joomla system.