5 entrepreneurial qualities that makes a designer worth hiring

5 entrepreneurial qualities that makes a designer worth hiring

Think of that one quality you’d want in your web designer! Is it the same that you’d look for in an employee, a manager or a service provider?

In her article What Your Manager Really Thinks of You, Liz Ryan quotes,

We are entrepreneurs¦no matter who pays us. We work for ourselves. A full-time salaried job is just an entrepreneurial job with only one client.

Entrepreneurial qualities in people are an added advantage. No matter just a cog in the wheel, anyone with the right vision, creativity, and problem solving capability can take a task from fine to excellent!


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So, again or let’s paraphrase what entrepreneurial qualities you’d look for in your designer, apart from being good at their craft?

Here we list 5 things that’ll guide you to home in on the right virtues.

1) Staying ahead of time

Early bird not only catches the worm, it stays two steps ahead of others. It’s no coincidence that success comes to those who value time. A plethora of crème de la crème business magnets, including Sir Richard Branson and Howard Schultz, wake up quite earlier than normal folk.


Being early not only keeps you well informed, but more in control and in a better position to take significant decisions.

A web designer who acts before time will absorb clients suggestion readily, notice glitches beforehand and would be on top of things prior to a client call or a meeting.

Also, any service provider who values their own time will respect the time of their clients more.

Such a trait will especially suit entrepreneurs who are brimming with suggestions and like to be in constant touch with their designer.

2) Passion to attain excellence

Most successful entrepreneurs are driven by passion over monetary rewards. It’s the love for what they do that transcends all else. Steve Jobs’s passion to the point of obsession for design was well known.

Passion is especially important for entrepreneurs as building a business is a long and hard process, which means one’s motivation must stem from within; instead of getting triggered by short term gains.

Spotting such a quality in a web designer or any service provider can be rare. So, if your designer cares a bit extra for your appreciation and advice; calls you ecstatically at odd hours to report their feats, it’s no harm, their passion can serve you well.

Web designers, who care about delivering excellent designs, are also serious workers who need a free hand. As a client, you should guide then from time to time, but mostly let them be.

3) Having a Vision will Help

A defining trait for entrepreneurs; it can help a great deal if every worker, no matter where in the hierarchy, can have a vision regarding their job. Like a good reporter must have a nose for news, a good designer must have a plan up their sleeve to tackle any discrepancy, disagreements and not only fix them, but turn them into an opportunity.

Every service provider needs instructions to work, but most just stick to what they’re told instead of taking an initiative; it takes farsightedness to go beyond.

However, many a times, even those with a plan, keep it to themselves, for the fear of facing naysayers, detractors or red-tapism. As a client you must realize that only someone with a vision can end up innovating for you. Such a designer won’t just get your firm a website but play a part in the overall growth and success of your company.

4) Being Flexible is the key

One should forever be comfortable to take the blows, have back up plans or start from the scratch.


Many wouldn’t know that Virgin’s flamboyant top boss Richard Branson, once used to be recluse and socially uneasy. After the launch of Virgin Atlantic, when he couldn’t contend with the promotional budgets of British Airways, he had to shed his reticence, and do his own publicity stunts to be the story himself. It was a big change for him.

Web Designers are independent entrepreneurs, who need to be flexible with their approach, being stubborn in the name of creativity will only hamper the project. They must zero in on the right design, instead of going with their gut feeling.

5) The will to Compete

Billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t have gone beyond being a millionaire, had he been content with what he had and didn’t compete. Competition breeds success. Successful entrepreneurs are aware of what’s happening around them, the market conditions and where they stand; still they invariably aspire to outdo others.

Web designers who care about competition, are more professional in their approach and value their client more. They’re also quite informed about their strengths and weaknesses. This makes them practical, dependable and most importantly saleable.

Since they are selling a professional service, it is essential for them to keep bettering their craft and stay ahead of their contemporaries, so they remain in the business.

Final Thoughts

Jeff Bezos knows the benefits of keeping his workforce improving, which is one of the secrets behind efficient functioning.

No matter where in the organizational structure you happen to be, you can gain from imbibing qualities that make businesspersons successful. They are focused, confident, determined, knowledge seekers, who are independent in thought and action.

As an entrepreneur or a manager, you’d also be at a better wavelength with a web designer who is more methodical and business-oriented.

Web designers are creative individuals who like to do things their own way, but if they can be self-motivated go-getters, their chances of doing well double.

A farsighted web design expert who can understand what you’re trying to attain for your business can achieve a lot more for you, than a regular designer.